Neel Jain — Westview High School, Beaverton, OR

Neel Jain -- Westview High School, Beaverton, OR

Neel Jain started a free grocery delivery service during the COVID-19 pandemic. He created PDX Concierge, enlisted a team of other volunteers, and launched it after he went grocery shopping for his grandmother, whose age and asthma make her vulnerable to the virus. “I just realized there are a lot of other people who may not have family and need help,” said Jain.

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Zaniyah Williams — Vanguard High School, Ocala, FL

Zaniyah Williams -- Vanguard HS, Ocala, FL

Zaniyah has been a member of Vanguard’s Pink Ladies & T-Birds Service Club for four years now, and each year she became more involved. She says one of her favorite activities has been donating Christmas gifts to foster children. And her favorite place to volunteer is Advent Health in Ocala.

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Tyler Baldwin — Braxton County High School, Sutton, WV

Tyler Baldwin -- Braxton County HS, Sutton, WV

On November 29th, 2021 Tyler Baldwin showed himself to be not just a Silent Servant, but a real-life hero. Upon being alerted that his elderly neighbor’s home was on fire, and knowing that the gentleman could not walk very well, Tyler ran across the road and into the burning house to help. Tyler was able to carry the gentleman to safety.

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Gianna Labbiento — Sharon High School, Sharon, PA

Gianna Labbiento -- Sharon High School, Sharon, PA

Her teachers say Gianna Labbiento is a selfless person always willing to pitch in to help others. She is a member of the Rachel’s Challenge Group, and an active volunteer for Joshua’s Haven, whose mission is to, “feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and shelter the homeless”.

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Nicole Dolor — Farrington High School, Honolulu, HI

Nicole Dolor -- Farrington High School, Honolulu, HI

Nicole Dolor was an outstanding Special Education student who overcame Dyslexia, a serious reading disability, and was the first Special Education student at Farrington HS to graduate with High Academic Honors! She volunteered daily, during classes and after school, peer-teaching and mentoring other Special Education students, helping to find what strategies work best for them.

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Riley Stuttz — Deer Park High School, Deer Park, Texas

Riley Stuttz

During his years at Deer Park High School-South Campus near Houston, TX Riley Stuttz worked part-time jobs in the summers and used the money he earned to purchase backpacks filled with school supplies. The backpacks were then given anonymously by school counselors to needy students at Deer Park High School.

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Nashalee Morales — Ephrata High School, Ephrata, PA  

Nashalee Morales -- Ephrata HS - Ephrata, PA  

Senior Nashalee Morales of Ephrata HS in Ephrata, PA was nominated by Ephrata High School Principal Dr. Scott Galen for her ongoing service in the school and community and for the example she sets among her peers. She is involved in a variety of service organizations, including Link Crew, GEARS, Mini-THON®, and Friends of Rachel.

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Terren Peterson — Mandarin High School, Jacksonville, FL

Terren Peterson -- Mandarin HS – Jacksonville, FL

The best word to describe Terren is altruistic. She stays busy balancing school, her social life, and being an exceptional athlete but she still puts time away so that she can be of service to the community. One of the best examples of her selflessness is when she organized a group of girls to feed the homeless for her 15th birthday.

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Jane Wiley — Edgewater High School, Orlando, FL

Jane Wiley -- Edgewater HS - Orlando, FL

As a leader of Teens United, Jane regularly organizes and leads various volunteering activities throughout the Orlando community. These activities include delivering up to 250 pre-packed lunches and hygiene bags to the homeless, organizing and operating drive-thru food drives, and maintaining and facilitating communication among members.

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