Pathways Club Grant

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What typically causes a Grant Request to be disallowed?
  • Incomplete Grant Request Form.
  • The Foundation was unable to communicate with the Principal or Club Leader via email.
  • Failure to respond to follow-up emails provided to the Grantee from the Foundation.
  • The Grant Request was received from an unqualified or non-public school.
  • More than one Grant Request was received from the same school.
  • A Grantee having failed to meet the Grant Conditions during a previous school year and who has not resolved the default with the Program Administrator.
  • The yearly Grant quota has been filled.
  1. What will impede the Club Leader from receiving emails from the Foundation?
  • Email servers frequently do not deliver outside emails to a recipient’s Inbox if the sender has not been identified as a “safe sender”.  The Club Leader must take the necessary steps to ensure delivery, which is typically accomplished by adding the sender’s email address ( to the school’s “acceptable” email list or address book.
  1. What should I do if I forgot to include some information on my Pathways Club Grant Request and want to modify it?
  • Promptly email the Program Administrator, Michelle Lancaster, at (Do not submit another Grant Request Form.)
  1. My Grant Request was approved but I didn’t receive the Grant funds within 21 days thereafter. What should I do?
  1. Can any of the two required community-service activities take place after the end of the school year?
  • No.  However, additional service activities are encouraged.
  1. Can more than 12 students be Club members?
  • The maximum number of annual new Club members is 12.    Club members from a previous year(s) may also be Club members.
  1. Does student service at my school qualify as “community-service”?
  • No.
  1. If my school was awarded a Pathways Club Grant in a previous school year, is my school eligible to participate again this year?
  • Yes, provided the previous Grant Conditions were met.
  1. I was awarded a Grant but will be leaving my position prior to completing the requirements. Would another staff member in my school be allowed to complete the Conditions of the Grant?
  • Yes, with 1.) the approval of your Principal and 2.) providing the Program Administrator with the name and contact information of your replacement.
  1. What if I find that I am unable to meet the Conditions and Guidelines of the Grant?
  1. Does the Foundation have a Facebook page?


Program Administrator: Michelle Lancaster