Zaniyah Williams -- Vanguard HS, Ocala, FL

Zaniyah Williams — Vanguard High School, Ocala, FL

Zaniyah Williams has volunteered countless hours in service to her community. From feeding the homeless, caring for animals, tutoring others, and becoming President of Vanguard High School’s Pink Ladies & T-Birds Service Club, Zaniyah has become a consistent, reliable, open-minded, and hardworking young woman. Leading the Service Club has taught her that everyone’s opinions and viewpoints matter. “There is no I in team, she says”.

Zaniyah has been a member of Vanguard’s Pink Ladies & T-Birds Service Club for four years now, and each year she became more involved. She helped donate more to the less fortunate and volunteered more of her time. She says one of her favorite activities has been donating Christmas gifts to foster children.

Zaniyah’s favorite place to volunteer is Advent Health in Ocala. Volunteering at Advent Health reminds her of her grandfather Joseph Haynes Jr. who passed away in 2010. She says, “My grandfather’s passing has inspired me to work in the field of cancer research, namely, as an oncology physician assistant. Knowing that there was nothing else hospice and my family could do, channeled an inspiration in me to help find a cure. I found my grandfather’s diagnosis quite unfair and am devoted to finding some method to combat the disease so no other individual would have to endure what he experienced.”