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This Middle School Music Grant Program supports the efforts of teachers in leading their students to a fruitful life of behavioral kindness and emotional wellness, by nurturing empathy and compassion through community service, and an inspiration to become more accomplished musicians. Additionally, the Grant provides funds for the purchase of in-school music classroom equipment and supplies, and transportation as noted below.


Revised August 1, 2023

Grants are available, nationwide, to public middle school music teachers ("Grantees") in the United States.

Before completing a Grant Request Form, all applicants are encouraged to read the Music Grant Reviews and the Frequently Asked Questions posted on this website and the Foundation's Facebook page where several teachers share their past achievements and performance diversities of this Grant Program. These accomplished teachers, who comprise the Foundation's de facto "Music Grant Advisory Committee", affirm that in-person student/senior visitation is of utmost importance to the development of the students, both as musicians and as compassionate citizens.

The Grants are conditional as follows:

  1. The Grantee and their middle school music students are to provide a minimum of three musical performances at senior facilities (retirement communities, senior centers, care facilities, VA/VFW, etc.) in their local or nearby communities during the school year. Each engagement is to include the essential post-performance student/senior visitation period. Optimally, all of the Grantee's music students (as performers or observers) will participate in at least one performance.
  2. If necessary, one of the three required performances may be held at another venue, such as a school, but only when the event is planned for and primarily attended by senior citizens of the community and adequate time is scheduled for the students to visit with the seniors immediately following the performance.
  3. The quota of Grants for the 2023-24 school year will be awarded to the first 400 qualified Grant Request Forms received and approved by the Foundation.
  4. The Grant, in the amount of $1,000.00, is limited to one music teacher per school, per school year.
  5. The Grantee's music class must consist of a minimum of 15 students.
  6. Music Grant Request Forms are accepted by the Foundation between September 1st and January 31st.
  7. The Music Grant Request Form, provided on this website, is to be completed and submitted by a middle school music teacher only, and who, in doing so, accepts the obligation to abide by the Guidelines and Conditions of this Music Grant.
  8. Within the Grant Request Form the Grantee proposes how they will use the Grant funds to enhance the teacher/student resources in the music classrooms which benefit both current and future students.

    Examples (not comprehensive):

    Acceptable Unacceptable
    Instruments and equipment
    (including repairs and accessories)
    Food or entertainment
    Music, curriculum, workbooks Off-campus activities or events
    (other than the performances at senior facilities)
    Essential supplies and consumables Private lessons, scholarships, adjudications
    Concert attire Transportation or travel costs
    (other than to the senior facilities)
    Transportation to senior facilities for the required performances Compensation of tutors, coaches, accompanists, chaperones, instructors, etc.
  9. In arranging the music performances, the Grantee should share the empathy/compassion objective of the Grant performance with the Activities Director of each senior venue and encourage them to prepare their audience to fulfill this goal during the post-performance student/senior visitations. The seniors, who enjoy the "oldies" and patriotic melodies, adore the presence of children. These visitations arouse the emotional senses (empathy/compassion) of the students and inspire them to become more accomplished musicians and respected members of their community.
  10. The quantity, type and location of performances in excess of the minimum (3) requirement are at the discretion of the Grantee.
  11. The Foundation will notify the Grantee via email if/when their Music Grant Request has been approved. Within 21 days thereafter a check will be made payable to the Grantee's school (in trust for the Grantee) and mailed to the attention of the Grantee at the school address provided on the Grant Request form.
  12. All communications between the Foundation and Grantee's will be by electronic email. An automated "Confirmation" email will be sent to the Grantee immediately after a Grant Request has been received by the Foundation. It is imperative that the Grantee promptly acknowledges this Confirmation, which will affirm the Foundation's ability to communicate with the Grantee. If the Confirmation email is undeliverable or diverted by the school's email server, or if the Grantee does not respond in a timely manner, the Grant Request will not be considered.
  13. In April, the Foundation will provide the Grantee with a compulsory "Grant Performance Report Form" which is to be completed and returned to the Foundation by the end of their academic year (or no later than June 15) and after all required performances are completed. Photos of the student/senior visitations and performances are required within the Grant Performance Report. This report is essential to the Foundation's continuous governance, leadership, management, adjustment and improvement of the Middle School Music Grant Program.

The Foundation reserves the right to adjust the elements of this Middle School Music Grant program without prior notice.

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Program Administrator: Jan Greco  jgreco@prmfoundation.org


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