Nicole Dolor -- Farrington High School, Honolulu, HI

Nicole Dolor — Farrington High School, Honolulu, HI

Nicole Dolor was an outstanding Special Education student who overcame Dyslexia, a serious reading disability, and was the first Special Education student at Farrington HS to graduate with High Academic Honors! And she is the perfect model of a silent servant. Every day of high school, Nicole quietly went about sharing with other Special Education students what she had learned through her own personal struggles. She did so with extraordinary patience. She volunteered daily, during classes and after school, peer-teaching and mentoring other Special Education students, helping to find what strategies work best for them, such as color-coding, showing examples, making the work into a video game-like competition.

In her Kalihi community, Nicole volunteers for the Youth Grace/Malama Mentors, where she serves as a role model for elementary students, gives extra support and attention, reads books to students, plans learning activities, and leads learning games. She also finds the time to tutor Dole Middle School students in all subjects. On top of all this, she is active in many leadership roles in the Farrington student body, including helping to organize the Senior Prom. Nicole plans to become a Special Education teacher. Nicole is an inspiration to all who know her!