Music Grant Reviews

It has been magical! Each group that I took this year has begged to go back.”

Through this Grant my students experienced personal growth far above anything else they learned in school this year.”

My students were able to learn kindness and empathy. When I asked if the students would like to continue and do more next year, every single student said YES!!!”

I am so grateful for this Grant. Watching my students grow and absolutely love their experience was so rewarding to me. I will be scheduling field trips every month next year!”

Seeing the way the culture around music at our school has shifted is most rewarding.”

This Grant caused our administration and school board to be more aware of what we are doing and supportive by providing transportation."

At my invitation, our principal attended a performance and is now very supportive of our off-campus engagements.”

Some of my previously uninterested and apathetic students started coming to me wanting to practice playing even more!”

The Grant made a significant impact on our band supplies and library. I truly am so thankful for what this grant has done for my classroom and my students!!!”

This is a wonderful program. I am strongly encouraging the other middle school directors in my school system to apply in the future. Many thanks to all involved!”

Every student in my school should experience the profound value of this program.”

One previously nervous student beamed, 'Just think! We get to do this two more times!'”

This tired and sometimes disheartened teacher walked away from each of these engagements with a soul refreshed.”

I’ve never seen my students apply themselves to music as they do now. Thank you for your thoughtful Grant program.”

In my many years of teaching I have researched numerous grants and received a few. None of them come close to the value that this Grant program provides.”

With the students, it has always been 'just band'. Now, with this Grant program, it’s 'When’s our next gig, Mr. B.?'”

It was a challenge to get my teary-eyed students back on the bus.”

Witnessing our young people get excited about producing something for another generation was an incredibly rewarding experience for me.”

My students absolutely adore their performances and visitations with the seniors and the word is spreading around the school that band is now “in”. I’m expecting more students in my class next year than in any previous year.”

If I am not awarded your Grant in the next school year I will still continue with your program. It’s that significant.”

My objective has been to create good musicians. This Grant changed my focus to creating the best citizens and the students then decided to become good musicians – and they did! My job became much easier!”

It’s much more meaningful to perform for the seniors than the parents and family of the students. The seniors are delighted to have the students present. They are non-judgmental. They heap praise and inspiration upon my glowing students.”

We had some really precious moments after our performance when the students realized what a blessing they could be to others.”

This Grant program has been so inspirational to my students that now they practice regularly at home and at school, and continually ask me to book more performances for them. At their request we will be performing during the summer months. There has never been any interest in doing this before.”

These students learned the joy and value of community service, for sure. Well done – this is what it’s all about.”


Program Administrator: Jan Greco