Middle School Music Grant

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many Music Grants will be available during the next school year?


What typically causes a Grant Request to be disallowed?
  • Incomplete Grant Request Form.
  • The Foundation was unable to communicate with the Grantee (teacher) via email.
  • The Grant Request was received from an unqualified or non-public school.
  • More than one Grant Request was received from the same school.
  • The proposed use of the Grant funds was not for musical education purposes only.
  • The Grant Request Form was completed or submitted by someone other than a middle school music teacher.
  • A Grantee having failed to provide the “Grant Performance Report” at the end of the previous school year.
  • The yearly Grant quota has been filled.
What will impede the Grantee (teacher) from receiving emails from the Foundation?

School and personal email servers often reject “outside” emails if not “whitelisted” or placed in an address book. The Grantee (teacher) must take the necessary steps to ensure delivery which is typically accomplished by adding the sender’s email address (jgreco@prmfoundation.org) to the school’s “acceptable” email account or address book.

Can some of the three required performances take place after the end of the school year?

The required performances must take place during the school year. However, additional performances can be held at any time/place of the Grantee’s choosing.

What should I do if I forgot to include some information on my Music Grant Request and want to modify it?

Promptly email the Program Administrator, Jan Greco, at jgreco@prmfoundation.org. (Do not submit another Grant Request Form.)

My Grant Request was approved but I didn’t receive the Grant funds within 21 days thereafter. What should I do?

Promptly email the Program Administrator, Jan Greco, at jgreco@prmfoundation.org.

If my school was awarded a Music Grant in the previous school year, is my school eligible to participate again this year?


If I am awarded a Grant, is it acceptable for another teacher in my school to also provide a performance with their music students?


Does the Foundation have a Facebook page?


Program Administrator: Jan Greco  jgreco@prmfoundation.org