Student Silent Servant Award Guidelines


Jim Warford, former Chancellor of Public Schools (FL)


The Peter R, Marsh Foundation recognizes that students who unselfishly provide voluntary service in their communities possess above average social/emotional intelligence, are more empathetic towards others, live more-peaceful lives, achieve greater-than-average academic success, graduate HS and typically attend college.  In adult life these students often become competent parents and valuable members of their communities.

The objective of the Student Silent Servant Award (“SSSA”) initiative is to support high schools in their efforts to embed emotional/social intelligence in all their students.  The SSSA initiative:

  • Identifies, publically acknowledges and awards students who currently serve.
  • Examples and affirms the personal rewards of public service.
  • Inspires all students to participate in public service.


Successful Practices Network
National Dropout Prevention Center


  1. The student Nominee must be attending a high school in the United States.
  2. Nominee’s service must be:
    • for altruistic reasons only, marked by unselfish concern for the welfare of others.
    • independent, voluntary and beneficial to citizens of the greater community outside their school.
    • without monetary or material reward, or personal gain including favor, advancement or recognition.
    • devoid of any imposed requirement to serve, discrimination, matters of social disagreement or conflict, or service related to social, political and governmental ideologies and practices.


The award provided by the Foundation consists of:

  • A non-taxable monetary contribution conveyed by check made payable to the student.
  • An engraved memorial which includes the name of the student.


  • All high schools within the United States are eligible to participate in the SSSA.
  • To participate, a school completes and submits the online “Nomination Form” provided on this website. For assistance or to receive the form in “Word”, contact
  • In anticipation of leveraging the award presentation as a social/emotional intelligence teaching opportunity, a school may submit a nomination at any time of their choosing.
  • The selection process of the student nominee(s) is determined by the participating school (which may include networking with community organizations and institutions).
  • The school selects the person(s) who will present the award and the all-student forum in which the award will be presented.
  • Schools with a student population in excess of 500 may submit two (2) nominations per year; schools with a student population in excess of 1000 may submit three (3) nominations per year.
  • Allow a minimum of two weeks for the Foundation to provide the award(s) to your school.
  • Annual participation in the SSSA is encouraged to ensure that each new freshman will receive four years of social/emotional intelligence education and the maximum opportunity to improve their self-worth through public service activities.
  • The Foundation’s acceptance of a nomination is automatic when a school represents that the nominated student(s) and their service meet the Student & Service Eligibility and the Supporting Conditions (below).


  • Schools are encouraged to present the award during an all-school event*, allowing sufficient time during the event to cultivate social/emotional intelligence training and inspire public service in all students. (Graduation ceremony is not recommended.)
  • It is meaningful to invite the family and friends of the award recipient(s) to attend/participate in the award forum. There is additional value in the inclusion of community leaders.
  • The Foundation requests that the school provide a photograph of the award recipient(s) (with their award) which the Foundation will incorporate in a press-release, website and media postings. (A video of the award presentation, if available, would be of added value.)
    *NOTE: Until such time as schools reopen and students may assemble, a participating school may select another forum, such as a virtual assembly, in which to present the student award. (Sample virtual assembly video here.)


  • Award funds provided to students are unconditional.
  • Awards are made in recognition of service and achievement and are not intended to finance or reward any future activity of the recipient.
  • The Foundation reserves the right to adjust the elements of the SSSA without prior notice.


Program Director:  Jim Warford • • c 850-491-7485