Elijah Wooden -- Muskogee High School, Muskogee, OK

Elijah Wooden — Muskogee High School, Muskogee, OK

Elijah has a true servant’s heart. He serves Muskogee, OK by volunteering his time on countless committees for almost all Muskogee community special events like holiday parades, and fundraisers. One special contribution is coordinating the participation of Muskogee High School’s Pride of Muskogee Marching Band in all community activities.

He serves his school as a section leader in the Pride of Muskogee Marching Band, where his duties consist of organizing rehearsals after school, preparing for community events such as Martin Luther King’s Day Parade, and at times serving as an additional staff member in sectional and full band rehearsals.

Elijah also is involved with Student Council and holds an elected officer position, which helps organize events and fundraisers for the student body. He leads by example. Never seeking attention or the limelight, and he is widely respected by all who know him.