Silent Servant Scholarship Award

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many Silent Servant Scholarship Awards will be available this school year?


Does the student apply for this Scholarship Award?

No. Applications (nominations) are completed and submitted by a school staff member. 

Who selects the student nominee?

Any member(s) of the school’s staff.

What typically causes a Nomination to be disallowed?
  • An incomplete Nomination Form.
  • The Nomination was received from an unqualified or non-public school.
  • The number of Nominations received from a school exceeded the quantity allowed.
  • The Nomination Form was completed or submitted by someone other than school staff.
  • The yearly Award quota has been filled.
What is the deadline for submitting a Nomination?

Nominations are accepted between August 15th and 30 days prior to the end of the school year. Allow sufficient time to convene the in-person Award presentation.

When will I receive the student’s check and plaque from the Foundation?

Approximately 3 weeks from the Foundation’s approval of the Nomination.

What will impede the Nominator from receiving emails from the Foundation?

School and personal email servers often reject “outside” emails if not “whitelisted” or placed in an address book. The Grantee (teacher) must take the necessary steps to ensure delivery which is typically accomplished by adding the sender’s email address ( to the school’s “acceptable” email account or address book.

What should I do if I forgot to include some information on my Nomination Form and/or want to modify it?

Promptly email the Program Administrator, (Do not submit another Nomination Form.)

My Nomination was approved but I didn’t receive the Award and/or the student’s check. What should I do?

Promptly email the Program Administrator, Jim Warford,

Is this Scholarship Award program available every year?


Does the Foundation have a Facebook page?