Silent Servant ​Student Award Recipients

Audrey Parmenter
San Lorenzo Valley High School, Felton, CA

Audrey ParmenterSenior Audrey Parmenter has spent the last eight years raising money for breast cancer research. She has raised $6,500 in total, through fundraisers at her home (silent auctions, dinners, crafts), which she has donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Audrey is also a team captain and fundraises for Relay for Life through the American Cancer Society. Audrey started this effort very soon after two of her grandmothers were diagnosed with breast cancer within a fairly short timespan. Thankfully, they are both survivors. Audrey does this work out of her passion for supporting this cause. She doesn't do it for any fanfare or attention. However, she DOES deserve fanfare and attention, as her drive and efforts towards this work, starting at age 9, are phenomenal. exemplifies the very essence of 'service'! She is a true school leader, serving as President of the ASB/Student Council this year. She has been on the school volleyball, basketball. cross country, and track teams. Audrey is an avid camper and has visited many of the national parks in the western United States. She is the daughter of Ross and Katie Parmenter of Felton.

Juan Cortez Zavala
Beaverton High School, Beaverton, OR

Juan trophy Juan ZavalaJuan Cortez Zavala is a student who quietly goes about his leadership and service, without need for fanfare. He is a real unsung hero at BHS, and our nominee for the 2021 Silent Servant Award. Juan is in AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), a program for low income, first-generation college-bound high school students. He also participates in MeCHA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlan), a National club and organization that promotes higher education, leadership, Latino history and culture. Within MeCHA, Juan has emerged as the "go to" member to get the other students motivated and enthusiastic about the many events the club oversees, from Day of the Dead activities to the Cinco de Mayo fiesta in May. The MeCHA advisor says that getting males involved has been difficult. But Juan leads the charge to involve all students. He volunteers to help, is willing to lead the meetings without adult guidance, and has great pride in his culture. In addition, Juan is the first to volunteer and help at bi-lingual parent night events. Juan wants to be a teacher one day. At his church, he volunteers every Wednesday to tutor elementary age students who call him "Mr. Juan". He is bright, mature and a natural for the education field. Juan was also a volunteer at the Oregon Zoo. Pre-COVID he had been invited to join the Zoo Teen team as a paid employee.

Yessenia Marin
Borrego Springs High School, Borrego Springs, CA

Yessenia Marin is a senior at Borrego Springs High School. She has actively served her school and community by participating in fundraising, organizing school events, and being a member of student government. Yessenia completed the 60 hours of community service needed to graduate early in her high school career and continued to volunteer in the community. Pre-COVID the Little League was in desperate need of people to help work with children on teams and organizing and working in the snack bar. Yessenia would go after school to help work with teams and in the snack bar. Yessenia is also a member of the Soroptomist Club at our school and worked diligently to raise funds for projects in India and programs that serve our community. Families in our small community have lost jobs and are facing hard times. Several groups have come together to host a food bank for families in need. Yessenia volunteers to work one day a week at the food bank since it opened assisting families to make sure they have food. Yessenia works from the heart and wants the community she lives in to be a better place for all families. This belief in service has led her to want a career in law enforcement to better help people.

Steven Berdy
Florida Virtual School, Orlando, FL

Steve is one of our most exceptional students. He excels in his studies as well as continues to support and help his peers. He is a math tutor, holds leadership positions in the clubs he belongs in and works tirelessly in organizational activities. He has been involved in my community outside of tutoring or receiving volunteer hours since high school, He has a passion for Math, technology, and coding. Last year Steve thought up and organized a coding activity called Game Jam which has become widely popular. This event brought students of all levels (basic, intermediate, advanced skills) of coding to work in teams and create a game in a specific time period when the theme is announced that day. Steve's individual strengths are as impressive as his academic accomplishments. He is active, outgoing in class and clubs who works well with everyone.

Adriana Ortega
Belleview High School, Belleview, FL

Adriana has logged 829.7 community service hours in 3 1/2 years. Her priority is truly helping others. Even with her goal to go into family law, this passion is evident.

The list of her work is extensive but includes counseling young girls at summer camp, putting on an event to fundraise for Children's Miracle Network, volunteer work at the hospital, making toys for sheltered dogs, Salvation Army bell ringing, St Paul's church, and many more at our school and in the community. Adriana truly cares about the well-being of others and is compassionate to all. Not only is she is one of the top students at Belleview High School, time outside of school is spent ringing bells at the holidays, making toys for sheltered dogs, serving pancakes and washing dishes for Key Club, serving spaghetti at Church Dinner, transporting patients at the hospital and so much more.

Gina Uribe
West High School, Tracy, CA

For four years Gianna Uribe has served her school with unconditional devotion, effort, and passion. She has exemplified a selfless attitude and as president and has worked numerous long hours in giving her classmates and colleagues an enjoyable high school experience. Her dedication to her school, her community and her town is showcased by her countless community service hours. Giana works many, many hours behind the scenes and is not the type that looks for recognition. She is a true joy to be around and leads by example. In her position as Student Body President, her dedication and service to our school has been unmatched. Just this year alone, Gianna was a big contributor to the can food drive, she oversees all aspect of our community service which includes campus clean up days, clothes drive, as well as numerous other events. Gianna truly exemplifies extraordinary skills by her actions. She is constantly making birthday posters for the staff as well as decorating offices to keep the spirts up. I am very proud of her and her positive attitude through all of this.

Sophia Aquilera
Wilder High School, Wilder, ID

SophiaSofia Aguilera exemplifies the very essence of 'service'! This past Summer, Sofia, worked diligently to have the community come together to create a safe environment for an outdoor Prom. A creative solution that brought excitement and energy under challenging circumstances. Sofia is instrumental to her classmates, serving as a mentor and tutor for all academic studies. She often will set aside her own endeavors to support her classmates with their academic efforts. Her very presence in our school and this small rural Idaho community lends itself to serving others and modeling positive forward thinking. Sofia is a Wilder Wildcat to her core, whether it be on the volleyball or basketball court, in the classroom or representing the students, as the Student Body President, at the school board meetings. Sofia is instrumental to her classmates, serving as a mentor and tutor for all academic studies.

Ethan Morse
Farrington High School, Honolulu, HI

Through his award-winning videos, Ethan Morse has built positive relationships with community members, increased public awareness of social issues, and developed an empathetic understanding of others. Ethan produces news, short videos and public service announcements for over 2400 Farrington HS students, staff and community members. He has been featured on the PBS Hawaii HIKI NO show and is one of Hawaii's new wave of storytellers. He was featured on HIKI NO where he shared a glimpse into his life during the pandemic. Ethan also served his local Kalihi community by filming and producing videos for the Farrington Alumni and Community Foundation. He filmed their annual fundraising luncheon and produced their alumni of the year video.

Asharia Harris
Warren Township High School, Gurnee, IL

AshariaAsharia has been actively involved in community service work, through Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., for a number of years. Just recently, she participated in a Community Literacy Project with Lake County P.E.A.R.L.S. where she read a book, on video, to K-3rd grade students. This virtual video project was simply one of her ways of reaching out to others in need, in her community.

Some of Asharia’s other volunteer activities included:

• AID to HAITI – packaged toiletries for delivery to Haiti
• AFRICARE’s POWER FORWARD TEENS in Nigeria – created encouragement cards
• COMMUNITY ACTION PROJECT of Lake County – collected canned goods for families
• M. L. King’s Day of Service – AKA Community Impact Day 2017 – served Shiloh’s PADS Shelter in Waukegan – packaged snack packs, underwear/socks, and toiletries for the homeless
• NORTHERN ILLINOIS FOOD BANK in Park City, IL – sorted and packaged 14,000+ pounds of meat for those in need
• Supported NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR MENTAL ILLNESS (NAMI) – researched the organization and various mental illnesses; developed a TIP CARD for HS students to help manage stress during final examinations and shared it with other students
• AKA Sorority, Inc.’s 1908 PLAYGROUND SERVICE PROJECT – supported environmental improvement at Carman Buckner Elementary School, in Waukegan, by creating inspirational signs for the school, along with painting pet rocks for the playground area
• Jesus Name Apostolic Church – TOYS FOR TOTS CHRISTMAS GIFT PROJECT – supported AKA ASCEND at the church with sorting and distributing Christmas gifts to children in the community

Neel Jain
Westview High School, Beaverton, OR

NeelNeel Jain started a free grocery delivery service during the COVID-19 pandemic. PDX Concierge launched in mid-April after Neel Jain went grocery shopping for his grandmother, whose age and asthma make her vulnerable to the novel coronavirus. “I just realized there are a lot of other people who may not have family and need help,” said Jain. So far, his team of volunteers has made about 150 deliveries in the metro Portland and Vancouver, WA area. Clients fill out a form online with their grocery list and volunteers will go buy the groceries and deliver them. Volunteers maintain social distancing guidelines and wear gloves and face masks while they shop. Clients then reimburse volunteers for the cost of the groceries, which are dropped off in front of their homes. It’s a free service, so tips or donations are used for gas money, maintaining the website and helping pay for groceries for clients who need extra financial assistance. “It’s a great feeling to help out in this hard time,” Jain said. “Kids have a lot of time on their hands with schools being closed. It’s good to be able to put that to use.”
Read story at The Columbian >

Nicholas Angelo
Schuylkill Haven High School, Schuylkill Haven, PA

When Nick is not involved in school functions he volunteers his time to community organizations, such as the Schuylkill Haven Little League Association, the Trinity Lutheran Church, Schuylkill Hose Co. #2, Boy Scouts and the Schuylkill Haven Area School District Parent-Teacher Organization. Nick is always willing to lend a helping hand when he notices someone in need. Overall, Nick is a respectful and honest young man that pays particular attention to his academics, and always the first to volunteer his time to the school and community. Nick is an active member in extracurricular activities, such as marching band, concert band, and chorus. He is a member of the Hurricane Hero Club, which promotes positive behavior within the high school.

Riley Stuttz
Deer Park High School – South, Deer Park, Texas

Riley Stuttz is in 10th grade at Deer Park High School-South Campus near Houston, Texas. Riley worked a part-time job this past summer and used the money he earned to purchase 24 backpacks filled with school supplies. These backpacks were given anonymously by school counselors to needy students at Deer Park High School. When Riley was asked why he did this, he stated that he wanted to promote kindness in our society. The school created a short video presentation on being kind to each other that was shown to the student body during our Deer Time.

Sheeva Farahani
John C. Kimball High School, Tracy, CA

Sheeva is one of those exceptional students that has made it part of her life’s mission to serve others in her community.  She has done this by giving her time and efforts to several organizations that are highly engaged in the area.  One of those organizations is Brighter Christmas which seeks to provide Christmas presents to children in need within the Tracey area.  Sheeva has done this for the past ten years.  She has also given her time to the individuals living at the Astoria Gardens Senior Care Facility, The American Legion’s Hall , Wreath’s Across America (serving our veterans), as well as Support the Troops.  Sheeva is constantly looking for ways to be involved in helping people in the Tracey community.

Hazelle Baptisda
W. R. Farrington High School, Honolulu, HI

Hazelle has been involved in multiple service groups and organizations; most notable is the Key Club at W. R. Farrington High School.  Through Key Club she has selflessly volunteered at many community events including: beach cleanups, The Great Aloha Run, and many on campus events which benefited Kalihi community.  Hazelle is also very involved in PAAC (Pacific and Asian Affairs Council) where last year she served as Vice President of Public Relations during which she was responsible for making sure articles and newsletters were dispersed to the community.  This year she has increased her leadership responsibilities by assuming the role of Division News Editor for her club division, serving nine other schools and working with editors in California and other district level club leaders.  ​

Andrea Malakar
Henley High School, Klamath Falls, OR

Andrea is one of the most “others-focused” young adults in the student population at Henley High School.  She has proven to be one of the most compassionate and supportive Henley High students in everything that she does.  Andrea has been involved for her entire high school career with a program started at HHS called Hunger Not Impossible, whose mission is to provide meals for food-insecure teens and their families.  During the summer of 2019, not only did she volunteer her time as she had done in the past, she took over as program coordinator.  She has been organizing fundraising, training volunteers, and overseeing the program every night during the summer and holiday breaks once the school year started to ensure that local teens across the basin had access to food.  Andrea’s compassion to help others as well as her desire to go unrecognized for her efforts set her apart from most people in this world. ​

Elisabeth Patnode
Woodland High School, Woodland, WA

Elisabeth served more than 800 hours during her 10th, 11th, and 12th grade years. She has spent the majority of her time volunteering at the Love Street Playhouse and Camp Evergreen. She also volunteered at Woodland high school in a student leadership role helping with the incoming freshman, with FFA doing various activities including planning meetings, planting trees, teaching a middle school wreath making class, and being a district officer, as well as with Lelooska Foundation Cultural Center.

​Elisabeth is an amazing student all around. With all of the hours she volunteers she still is able to excel academically which includes two AP classes this year. She also has one class in which she is a peer mentor for some of the special education students with more severe disabilities. She truly is a selfless person that brings out the best in everyone else. ​

Liliana Rosebrook
Valley Catholic High School, Beaverton, OR

Lili has been a great student at Valley Catholic High School. She was a finalist as Rose Princess this year and plans to try for the honor of Rose Princess again next year.  Besides being a great student academically, Lili is also a great human being – a young woman of great character.  Lili performs acts of service not so she can build a strong resume but because it is simply part of the fabric of who she is and how she has been raised.

Lili is incredibly active in her service to help raise money and awareness of MS.  Beyond that, though, she has been involved in helping at local churches, various youth events, and other community outreach programs that serve those in need.

Nathan Moore
Southridge High School, Beaverton, OR

Nathan has been extensively involved in promoting equity and inclusion within the LGBTQI+ community. This service has extended above and beyond the walls of Southridge High School, but into the greater Beaverton and Portland communities. Nathan has been involved with:  a local teen council for a total of 114.5 hours, Equity leadership work within Beaverton School District for roughly 20 hours, Equity and inclusion work, and representing Southridge High School at community events around inclusion, race and equity roughly 15 hours. Nathan's voice is heard, well respected and patient. He believes that all students should be included, listened to and part of a greater whole.

Nathan has been a member of the Southridge Principal's Equity Advisory Committee for the past three years. His voice has always been important within this group, guiding our school's equity vision, and ensuring that student voice is always listened to when making decisions.

Maggie Blaser
Astoria High School, Astoria, OR

Margaret is described as a quiet, rather reserved young woman in comportment and demeanor. Yet her outreach and advocacy on the behalf of others can be strongly felt throughout the Astoria community. Due to her mother's role in the District Attorney’s office, Ms. Blaser has been aware of issues of social injustice from a young age and she has taken action to alleviate its negative effects. Throughout her high school career, she has worked with the community’s support house, the Harbor. Through fundraising efforts, as well as general service and interaction, the women and children of the Harbor were able to benefit from Maggie’s efforts. She has also worked with local law enforcement to streamline paperwork issues regarding domestic violence. Furthermore, her sincere care for others has been exemplified in her sharing of her piano talents by performing at the communities local Senior Centers. ​

Alexis Sierra Villegas
Riverside Senior High School, Boardman, OR

Alexis is touted by her school counselors as “one of the few that goes above and beyond for any high school senior”.  She is not only extremely responsible and outgoing, but also compassionate and empathetic - wanting to make her community a better place to live. Alexis has been involved with the school’s backpack program, giving of her time and resources to make sure that students, who are in need, receive the supplies that they need to attend school.  She has also been involved in the annual holiday canned food drive, feeding people in the community.  This fantastic student has taken time for the past three years, going around town collecting non-perishable food to help make the food drive successful.  Once the bags are filled with food for families, she personally takes it upon herself to deliver the supplies to people in the community who are in need.  Alexis has given countless hours to serving others and the community that she lives in.

Kai Talley
Aloha High School, Aloha, OR

Kai is a sophomore who has a passion for the game of lacrosse and has played the sport for a large portion of his life.  He has turned his passion for the game into a business that helps others get involved in lacrosse.  The business is called Lumber Lax and it all starts with the wood stored in his garage.  Kai cuts down 10-foot long pieces of lumber to make shafts for lacrosse sticks.  Along with his sisters, parents and some friends, they paint and engrave them in the shop at their home.  About 150 sticks are made a month.​  For every shaft he sells, he donates one. His donated sticks are used in programs in Panama, Malaysia, Kenya and Uganda.

Riley Vinson
Beaverton High School, Beaverton, OR

All of the teachers know Riley as a "leader's leader".  She leads in formal ways and by example. She is a member of AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) and also a member of Student Leadership (Government). Riley is Beaverton High Schools "go to" whenever anyone needs someone to help out. Riley always goes above and beyond any expected requirements. She recently volunteered to be a part of "Beaver Congress", a position within the school where she listens to other student's concerns to take back to the adults at BHS. Riley is personable and approachable; a natural for this type of work. On her own, she has also dedicated over 850 hours to the school theater program as student actor, editor and director. Riley is a member of Site Council, a position held by only the most mature and confident students. ​

Hannah Smith
Cascade Christian High School, Medford, OR

Hannah has been involved in club competitive cheer leading and on a state top three team for four years. She swims and has coached swimmers. Hannah's real passion is veterinary science and she has logged more than 350 volunteer hours at the Southern Oregon Humane Society.  While serving at the clinic, Hannah administers vaccines, gives medicines and prepares surgical suites. Hannah also has a calling to serve in her church and so for, has over 150 hours helping in the kids' wing.  Additionally, Hannah has volunteered for the Rogue Valley MobilPack for Feed My Starving Children, packing food for kids in need. Ms. Smith has volunteered at the local pregnancy center for various events and helped raise money for a family in the school who lost their home to fire. Hannah has also organized clothing and book drives for kids in the hospital.

Alyssa Smith
Horizon Christian High School, Tigard, OR

We are proud to present Alyssa Smith the Silent Servant Student Award.  Alyssa is one of those people who is fully engaged in her community.  She has served at the Royal Family Kids Camp for a number of years.  Royal Family is a non-profit organization that focusses on serving families who foster children.  This wonderful student volunteered her time to run and create a local carnival that profited over $3k in which she donated to the Royal Family organization.  Alyssa also hosted and ran a used book drive that sold used books to raise over $1k to donate to the SMART reading program.

Danika Leaver
Brookings-Harbor High School, Brookings, OR

Danika is a senior at Brookings-Harbor High School and has an amazing ability to serve in her school, to donate time to the American Red Cross, and encourage other classmates to serve all at the same time.  She has been coordinating the school blood drives for the last few years. Her duties are to recruit donors, coordinate donation times, set up and clean up the gym, communicate with administration and the office of absences missed by donors, collect permission slips, answer questions, troubleshoot problems arising in the gym on the day of the drive, coordinate student volunteers and make sure they are on task and doing their job, be a liaison between the school and the Red Cross, and reserve the gym and inform physical education teachers.  For the month leading up to the blood drive she can spend 5 hours a week or more just trying to do all these things. The day of, she is in the gym for at least 8 hours that day. She then starts gearing up for the next one.

Danika has helped run the blood drives for two years, and has worked at the blood drives since her freshman year.  At the end of October, Brookings-Harbor had their latest blood drive. Their goal for the school was 43 units. They were able to collect 54 units. For every unit collected, it has the potential to save 3 lives.  This means that 162 people could get blood collected at our blood drive.  Danika worked at 2 blood drives last year and one the year before. Brookings-Harbor, with a population of 475 students has continually outperformed the much larger (1,500+ students) in the valley.  This is due to the great organization and the recruitment efforts of Danika.  When she graduates, she will train a new volunteer and the school plans to continue to outperform the large valley schools in southern Oregon.

On top of all of the work that Danika donates to the American Red Cross, she also serves at the local food bank, Operation Christmas Child Donations, assisted in raising funds for Doernbecher Children's Hospital, and has served as a class officer.​

Cameron Monfared
Beaverton High School, Beaverton OR

Cameron got his start as a volunteer leader back in middle school, when he joined the Beaverton City Library's teen council. The teen council would help organize resource fairs, which was an eye-opening experience for Monfared. "I just saw how much need was in our community, in Beaverton," he said. "Beaverton is generally a middle-class city, but we have a lot of issues we can take care of together."

Monfared is passionate about: helping homeless people, serving his community, and being a leader. In his early years as a volunteer, he noticed that too often, people would spend a lot of time talking about problems and not as much time actually solving them.  This shaped his results-oriented focus.

"It would always frustrate me," he said, "I always love having these conversations, but we would sit there and sometimes talk for hours and hours, but nothing would come of it."

As president of his school's Key Club, Monfared presides over a local chapter of the largest student-led volunteering organization in the country. Under his leadership, participation numbers have gone up and Monfared puts an emphasis on sending students out into the community whenever possible.

The same holds true for his work with the newly founded Club Hope. "With Club Hope, we have been able to supply more to students at our school," Monfared said. "Over the summer, in the community outreach capacity that I serve in, we spoke to and interacted with over 200 families.  Whatever I do," he said, "even if I end up in business, I want to make sure I'm always doing something to benefit the community."

Delayne Sklaijir
Beaverton High School, Beaverton OR

This sometimes soft spoken and often overlooked student is very creative and an active participant in Best Buddies.  Delayne is also Captain of the Girls Tennis team, contributes regularly to the BHS literary magazine and is their media coordinator.  She also volunteers at Play-Fit-Fun, an elementary school club that promotes health and recreation. In addition, she has volunteered at a nature summer camp the last two years, she is a member of Key Club (a service organization), and National Honors Society (for top academic students), and started a personal art business, Dandelion Designs by Delaney, where she sells linoleum prints.

Delaney is the founder of the Best Buddies Beaverton at Beaverton High School. It started as a service project for her sophomore leadership class and blossomed from there to what it has become today. Best Buddies is a program to promote inclusion and acceptance throughout the community for our most impacted special education students. The Buddies match students from the "mainstream" with students in Special Education to help them participate in school activities: they attend sporting events together, meet them for lunch and help them in their classes.  At the end of the year, they even organize a Buddies Prom.​

Mak Beatty
Aloha High School, Aloha, OR

Mak Beatty is one of those rare individuals who has overcome life’s hard circumstances and has chosen to make it his life’s mission to serve others in his community.  The Peter R. Marsh Foundation would like to honor Mak because of this outstanding dedication to others as he as volunteered in the following areas.  Beatty created a local scouting unit designed to meet the needs of young men and women ages 14- 21 with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges. He is an Eagle Scout and has had leadership roles in scouting. Mak has been an advocate for people receiving services from the Albertina Kerr Centers in northwestern Oregon. He has had the privilege of being a guest speaker for the Oregon Council of Developmental Disabilities.  Mak has also volunteered at the Oak Grove Academy Harvest Festival for two years.  He has spoken at various Albertina Kerr board meetings.

Through scouting he has been involved with fund raising to benefit local scouts. Mr. Beatty has been a team leader in scouting, advocating for youth who are in group and foster homes. He has been an activist for disability rights and educating the public on what can be done to fight the mental health stigma.

Mak once wrote as a mission statement that his life’s objective is "To serve my community with devotion, respect, pride, and a relentless pursuit to ensure that all voices are heard, all people are supported, and the needs of my community are prioritized. I intend to work with an organization that aligns with my objective and is continuously dedicated to fulfilling their responsibilities to the community in which they serve."  The Peter R. Marsh Foundation is honored to have awarded Mak Beatty with the Silent Servant Student Award.

Henry Samuelson
Astoria High School, Astoria, OR

Henry is a senior at Astoria high school and is known in his school as one of those rare individuals who sacrificially gives and serves others.  If he sees a need, he’s one of the first to jump in to get the job done.  He currently volunteers his time locally by serving the homeless through Homeless Connect Guide, reaches out to younger people as a youth mentor, and he serves as a leader and national ambassador for the 4H Club.  In addition to these ongoing service opportunities, Henry gives his time on a regular basis both in his school and in his community.  The Peter R. Marsh Foundation is honored to have awarded Henry with the Silent Servant Award.​

Lily Moser
Southridge High School, Beaverton, OR

Lily Moser has found a passion for serving others.  She currently serves as a Make a Wish Foundation Ambassador where she has the opportunity to help dreams come true for children who have major health issues.  A large part of Lily’s time is spent working with Abby's Closet, a non-profit that provides dresses for young ladies in need of a prom dress.  Additionally, Lily has served on the Oregon Military Teen Panel for a few years now and has traveled the country encouraging other military families.  This Southridge student has also served at the Mayor's Youth Advisory Board Summit, Nordstrom Fashion Advisory Board, Portland Distinguished Young Women, and has served as Co-President of Southridge Fashion Club, to name a few.  Lily has given hundreds of hours for the various organizations and continues to do so today.  It’s notable that Lily's family also volunteers for multiple organizations, so Lily comes by it naturally.

Lily wants to study costume design after high school. She was accepted to Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) located in California, to major in costume design.  Lily thinks about others, always has a smile, and is never too much in a hurry to stop and visit with a person, especially one that looks like their having a tough time.  The Peter R. Marsh Foundation is honored to have awarded Lily with the Silent Servant Award.​

Samuel Stetzel, HS Senior
Horizon Christian High School, Tualatin, OR​

It’s an honor to introduce you to Samuel Stetzel,  a senior at Horizon Christian High School located in Tualatin, Oregon. The faculty at Horizon nominated Sam for the Silent Servant Student Award because of his outstanding contributions to his community. This young man is very involved with his own school serving as the Vice President of the associated student body, he is the DECA chapter president, and is a part of the National Honor Society. Amazingly, Sam has found time to create a DECA chapter for the middle school associated with Horizon Christian.  Samuel has found it very important to serve outside the school in his local community by volunteering with the Veterans of Foreign Wars Organization. The PRM Foundation is delighted to offer such an amazing student the Silent Servant Student Award.

Damaris Witham, HS Senior
Crosshill Christian School, Keizer, OR

The PRM Foundation is proud to introduce Damaris Witham, a high school senior at Crosshill Christian School located in Keizer, Oregon.  By unanimous decision, the faculty at Crosshill Christian nominated Damaris to receive the Silent Servant Student Award. Clearly, this young lady has a heart for serving others.  One of her greatest passions is serving in her own community, working with foster children and their families.  For the last two summers, Damaris has served at Royal Family Kids Camp, a week long outreach that focuses on encouraging, teaching, and building up foster children while giving their foster parents a reprieve.  On a daily basis, Damaras is highly engaged with her family who has chosen to be foster parents themselves.

Damaris has always seen a need to serve outside her community as well.  From a young age, Damaris has been raising funds to support the International Justice Mission, World Vision, Compassion International and for surgeries to those who desperately need help in Ethiopia.  Not content with just raising money, she has personally spent time in Ethiopia, Haiti, Mexico, and Addis Ababa serving those in need including people who have been stricken with leprosy.

Kyle Wegner, HS Senior
Cascade Christian High School, Medford OR

The Silent Servant Student Award is an award given to students who selflessly serve in their local community.  Kyle Wegener exemplifies what this award is all about.  A student at Cascade Christian High School located in Medford, Oregon, Kyle has dedicated himself not only to academics, but to giving his time to helping others in his community.  This amazing student on average, gives ten hours of time each month to many different people.  As an example, Kyle has served as a counselor at a family camp for students with disabilities; he has been a “buddy” to students with disabilities through his church, and serves as a representative on the disabilities committee.  Kyle Wegner is a volunteer instructor of Tae Kwon Do to children between the ages of five and fourteen.  Using these same skills, Kyle showcases his martial art skills for the Kick-a-thon for both the American Cancer Society and the Salvation Army, the Kennedy Elementary Girl Scouts cultural fair, and during the half-time show at the Central High wheelchair basketball game.  The impact Kyle has made in the lives of the disabled is incalculable.  He is impacting the lives of his peers and teachers alike!

Selah Luben, HS Senior
Horizon Christian High School, Tualatin, OR

Selah, a senior at Horizon, provides exceptional and perpetual voluntary service within her school and her community.  In addition to her service as an assistant volleyball coach, leadership in the Young Life organization, mentoring teenage girls, voluntary service within her school and other service projects, Selah has put spent many hours and traveled countless miles to help the efforts to stop child trafficking.  Selah is a consummate student-servant.