Tyler Baldwin -- Braxton County HS, Sutton, WV

Tyler Baldwin — Braxton County High School, Sutton, WV

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On November 29th, 2021 Tyler Baldwin showed himself to be not just a Silent Servant, but a real-life hero. Upon being alerted that his elderly neighbor’s home was on fire, and knowing that the gentleman could not walk very well, Tyler ran across the road and into the burning house to help. Tyler was able to carry the gentleman to safety.

This heroic young man saved a life that night while sustaining an injury to his hand and neck, even though he has no recollection of how he was injured. Tyler is very humble when asked about the incident or his bravery. He remains the calm and collected student that is loved and respected by all who know him at Braxton County High in Sutton, WV.

In school, Tyler is widely respected by his peers. He is always positive and willing to lend a helping hand. He can be found hard at work no matter what environment or activity in which he is taking part. His teachers and coaches say that Tyler is not only an excellent student, but is the type of all-around good guy that the world needs more of.