The Dreamcatchers: Kristin Jung, Hannah Lui, and Abigail Jung<br> University High School<br> Tucson, AZ

Dreamcatchers: Kristin Jung, Hannah Lui, and Abigail Jung — University High School, Tucson, AZ

Kristin Jung, Hannah Lui, and Abigail Jung of the Dreamcatchers Club at University HS in Tucson, AZ are no ordinary high school students. And the Dream Catchers are no ordinary club. The Dreamcatchers do extraordinary things! They are an amazing group of high school students who have dedicated their time and talents to, “granting the wishes” of elderly Tucson, AZ citizens, most of whom who are in nursing homes or Hospice care.

Dreamcatcher Founder Kristin Jung believes, “Having the connection between the younger and older generation will make our society a better place”. Hannah Lui and Abigail Jung have helped organize many fund-raising activities and projects. The Dreamcatchers have worked to provide hairstyle and makeup sessions, manicure appointments, and musical entertainment for many elderly patients. She once organized a Disney-themed Tea Party for a group of nursing home patients, and a Mexican-themed party with a live Mariachi band for others!

When asked why the Dreamcatchers mission was important to her, Hannah Lui said that she believed, “We’re not just giving to these patients, we’re learning life lessons”. We can all learn something from Hannah’s selfless service to others. Abigail said that she believed, “A lot of students my age don’t really think a lot about what senior citizens are going through”. Kristin, Hannah, and Abigail are always the first to think of others. They, and their Dreamcatchers, actively and outwardly demonstrate what it means to have a true Silent Servant’s heart!

You can learn more about them from this story that ran on the CBS Evening News:
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