Dedicated to honoring those ​who serve others.

Silent Servant Award

​​The Peter R. Marsh Foundation is dedicated to honoring those who serve others and is actively seeking nominations for the Silent Servant Award.


Recognize.  Encourage.  Inspire.


The Peter R. Marsh Foundation recognizes that private citizens who selflessly and quietly serve others in need are indeed the most valuable citizens of their communities. The Foundation established the Silent Servant Award program to encourage selfless service to others by identifying these Silent Servants, to recognize and award them for their service, to encourage them to continue their important community role and to inspire others to experience the personal fulfillment of living as a Silent Servant.

There are two different awards offered. The Community Silent Servant Award strives to honor individuals of any age living and serving in Oregon or Washington.  More specifically, the Student Silent Servant Award honors high school students and seeks nominations recommended by high school faculty.

Nominations for Silent Servant Awards can be submitted through the Foundation's website.

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