Royce Mace

March 2017 - Klamath Falls, Oregon

Royce Mace has volunteered as youth mentor with Citizens for Safe Schools (CFSS) for over a year.

Margo Durand, Program Director at CFSS reports the following about Royce Mace:
"Royce has been a volunteer for our one-to-one youth mentoring program for over a year. He served a little more than a full year with his first mentee (we follow a one calendar year long model).  Once his time was completed with his first mentee, he requested to be matched with a second child despite still keeping in contact with his first child and even traveling out of town to the young man's new location to see him.

He chose for his second match to be paired with a young man who required a bit more special attention than most in our program, a young man who was in day treatment at our local juvenile mental health facility. This young boy was referred to our program because he is being raised by his single, elderly grandmother and he treated her disrespectfully.

Royce has been matched with his second mentee just over 6 months now and the grandmother gushes about how her grandson, though not yet perfect, holds the doors open for her and answers her with 'yes ma'am's. Royce sticks to his promise for one hour per week with his mentees and gives his all through diligent patience and genuine care with these young men.

It is sometimes not so obvious what a volunteer's true motives are for giving their time. Sometimes, it is obvious that it's to further their own professional goals or "build their resume". In Royce's case, it's very clear that he is motivated to selflessly give back to our community and make a lasting difference in a child's life. He wants only to keep his promise to his mentees and does so without looking for a pat on the back. The only reason we know about his huge impact on the youth's lives is because their parents reach out to us gushing about the changes they see since their child has been matched with Royce. When we visit the kiddos at school they beam when they talk about him. When we see them in the community together, the young men stand taller and walk prouder when they're standing next to Royce.

He is employed full-time at Kingsley Air Force Base as an air traffic controller and has his own personal life like all of us, but so willingly gives up time to make a huge difference in local young children's lives. He also volunteers extra time to help our staff with planning group activities, inspiring youth in our program even other than his mentee and helping us with special events and marketing. He is a true blessing!

Royce is an air traffic controller at Kingsley Field. As a member of Citizens for Safe Schools, he not only believes “character counts and mentoring matters”, he lives it every day. To date, Royce has mentored two young men, both for over a year. He is still in communication with both of his mentees and continues to meet regularly with one them. As a mentor Royce spends one hour per week taking his mentee to do fun things in the community including playing basketball at the base, rock climbing at The Ledge, going for hikes and much more.

Citizens For Safe Schools staff feel honored to know Royce and can see the difference he is making in his mentees’ lives."

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