Marilyn DeCoster

March 2018 - Spokane, WA​

Marilyn DeCoster is a volunteer at the Women's Hearth, a drop-in center for women experiencing homelessness and poverty located in Spokane, Washington. Women's Hearth Volunteer Coordinator, Kathy McFaul, provides the following about Marilyn's service:"Marilyn has been a faithful volunteer since 2005 and has also joined the Transitions Committee, to further support the Hearth and its umbrella organization, Transitions.  Typically, Marilyn’s volunteer role is “a supportive presence on the floor” to assist the women who visit Hearth. She helps wherever she is needed, including helping manage the hygiene closet and training other volunteers.  The Hearth offers various classes, a daily breakfast, and a place for women to create their social community.

Hearth values include respect, community, growth and wholeness. There are many ways that Marilyn has supported the Hearth and reflected these values. She is steady and reliable; when she says she will do something, we know we can depend on her.

Marilyn also shares her particular skills and interests with the Hearth community. As she got to know the women, she recognized how special it was for women to move into their own apartment after living on the street. Marilyn enjoys gardening and knows the benefits of nurturing living things and having green and growing things in one's living environment. She offered classes so women could learn how to bring basic gardening skills into their new apartments. She maintains the plants at the Hearth and is attentive to providing new starts to women looking for a plant for their new home.

She also enters into the regular needs at the Hearth in countless ways, including supplying toiletry articles and helping to serve meals. She is careful to leave time to build relationships with the Hearth participants and understands the value of creating community.

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