Ken Hull

January 2017 - Milwaukie, Oregon

Ken Hull is a long time volunteer at Esther's Pantry, located in Milwaukie, Oregon, which provides food and personal care items to low-income people living with HIV.

Chris McDonald, Volunteer Coordinator of Our House (which includes Esther's Pantry), provided the following information in his Silent Servant nomination of Ken Hull:

"Ken has volunteered at Our House's Esther's Pantry program since July of 2004. In that time, Ken has shown exceptional commitment to the 200+ clients and families who visit each month to shop for their groceries. Ken knows most - if not all - of the clients by name and, with unflagging energy, ensures that each client receives the care and attention they deserve. Additionally, Ken has taken on added responsibilities for this program, helping to coordinate the logistics of dock shopping and donation pick-ups to ensure that we have fully-stocked shelves each day for our clients. Ken volunteers three times per week, nearly all day -- essentially, whenever Esther’s Pantry is open, Ken is available to help clients. When our beloved, longtime Community Services Manager, Donald Kahapea, passed away last year, Ken unassumingly took the reins of the operation, ensuring that we kept our programs open while Our House searched for new staff members. We would have loved to hire Ken as Donald’s replacement – he’s unquestionably the most dedicated and most well-liked volunteer on the team – however, Ken refused the position and instead sat on the hiring committee, providing valuable advice on day-to-day operations in the program. When we hired new staff, Ken trained both of them and made sure that they became the leaders that the program deserved. He has no ego that I can see – his concern is only for the clients and their well-being. At the same time, I’ve observed the other volunteers on the team deferring to Ken's experience and leadership. He is unassuming and quiet, but his firm commitment to this program undoubtedly make it the successful one it is."

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