Jeanne Linn

April 2017 – Madras, OR

Jeanne Linn was nominated for the Silent Servant Award by Jefferson County CASA Program Coordinator, Jen Jordan.  She advises, “Jeanne Linn is a familiar name and face in Madras, as she grew up here. Jeanne's heart for her community is huge. She shows it by investing in the precious lives of its most vulnerable citizens, children in the foster care system. Jeanne has been a Court Appointed Special Advocate on behalf of foster children in Jefferson County since 2012. Her children affectionately call her "CASA Jeanne", expressing back to Jeanne the kindness and love she shows them. The lives of dozens of children have been impacted in immeasurable ways, due to Jeanne's tireless giving on their behalf. Jefferson County has benefited and continues to benefit greatly by her service. We at CASA feel so very blessed to have Jeanne serving as a volunteer advocate. She is a role model for us all. Jeanne is 78 years old and "retired"--although her volunteering looks like a more than full time job!”

CASA volunteers are dedicated and trained community members who serve as fact finders for the judge and work on behalf of the child’s best interest to help move the child as quickly as possible through the court system and to a safe and permanent home.

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