December 2016 - Oregon

For over three years, this amazing Silent Servant (who wishes to remain anonymous), has volunteered with Door to Grace, who mentors girls who have been victims of Sex Trafficking.  As a mentor, she builds relationships with a survivors of commercial sexual exploitation.  She also coordinates weekly meals and provides transportation as needed for Door to Grace clients.  Additionally, she provided respite care for one of their clients who was temporarily homeless.

The Director of Door to Grace explains this Silent Servant's “longevity” to continue working with the girls of this program is outstanding.  Working with sex trafficking victims is not always an easy task and can be emotionally grueling.  However, this Silent Servant continues to be dedicated to serving the girls of Door to Grace.

Not all volunteers at Door to Grace are mentors.  This Silent Servant completed an extensive training program to be a mentor.  Her training not only prepared her to mentor the girls, but also allows greater access and involvement with them outside the Day Home.  Girls are not assigned a mentor; rather the girls are allowed to pick their own.  This Silent Servant currently has been a mentor to the same girl for the past two years.  They typically meet up at the Day Home for programming and a dinner once a week, although she often times has additional contact with her throughout the week.  This Silent Servant goes above and beyond at Door to Grace in other capacities as well.

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