Community Silent Servant Award Recipients​

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Terry & Marilyn Lindsey
Volunteers for Meals on Wheels People

Kay Montagne
Prepares breakfast for the homeless at St. Andre Bessette Catholic Church

Mentors Sex Trafficking victims at Door to Grace.

Lisa Benson
Cooks meals for residents at Our House, which provides care for individuals living with HIV

Jean Pierce
Volunteer grocery shopper at Store to Door

Royce Mace
Youth mentor for Citizens for Safer Schools

Jeanne Linn
CASA volunteer of Jefferson County, Oregon

Mary Dooley
CASA volunteer in Crook County, Oregon

Darcy Blankenship​
Volunteer with Office Moms and Dads who cares for children entering the foster care system.

Wendy Martin​
​Lines of Life crisis line volunteer.

Josh Cyganik
Coordinated a day of service for a stranger in need of home repairs/improvements

Ken & Peggy Kirkman
Volunteer at the North County Community Food Bank and the Back to School Readiness program

Jill Cannefax
Facilitator for the Oregon Prison Project, training inmates on Nonviolent Communication.

Ken Hull
Volunteers at Esther's Pantry, which provides food and personal care items to individuals living with HIV

Captain Jack Taylor
Oregon Maritime Museum volunteer and advocate

Denise Wright
CASA volunteer in Deshutes County, Oregon

​Sarah Walters
Henna artist provides "crowns" to individuals who have suffered hair loss due to medical treatment.

Marilyn DeCoster
​Volunteers at the Women's Hearth Day Center, who help women who have experienced homelessness.

Sky McLeod
​Lines of Life crisis line volunteer